New Home Buyers Love These 5 Services

New Home Buyers Love These 5 Services

Whether you are still in the process of buying a home or are now a proud homeowner, you might be thinking about all the home improvement projects you would like to schedule. You may have noticed projects you’d love to see happen sooner rather than later. Or, you might have been informed by your realtor or home inspector that there are a few projects that should be scheduled for the future.

Owning a home can be enjoyable and soothing or fraught with unfinished projects and a stress-inducing mess.

If the project list seems a bit overwhelming, there are ways to break it into reasonable segments, and there are professionals to call upon for assistance. In this article, we’ll talk about getting the help you need as a new single-family homeowner. Let’s look at the Top 5 Professionals who can help you schedule and complete those projects and achieve the balance you desire.

1. Remodeler/Handyman

Remodeler/Handyman, help fixing around the house

Depending on the condition and age of the home, you may decide to make repairs or to remodel. There might be changes that are needed fairly soon and others that can wait for better timing or until finances are available. If the changes are straightforward, a handyman service should be able to manage it nicely. Ask your network of friends for their advice on a good service. When you are interviewing, you can ask for references and even photos from comparable projects.

If the project is complex, needs sophisticated design, special permits and licensing, a remodeler might be needed. There are remodelers that handle a wide variety of projects, as well as those who specialize in specific projects such as bathrooms, kitchens or lower levels. Ask around for recommendations and check reviews and references. It’s always a good idea to interview several and get quotes so you have something to compare.

It’s important to find someone who listens closely and understands what’s important to you. If there are certain features you want, be sure to express those needs. If precision and neatness are important, agree upon the expectations and standards.

When you receive quotes, if the total price is higher than you can manage, ask if it would make sense to start with Phase 1 and move to Phase 2 later. Or, if you’re handy and have the time, you might be able to do some portion of the work yourself to save on expenses.

New Home Buyers Love These 5 Services

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2. Interior Decorator/Organizer

Interior Decorator/Organizer, help decorate inside the house, interior designer

If the home just doesn’t seem to pull itself together aesthetically, you can engage the services of an interior designer. These professionals are trained to find ways to express your personality throughout the home. They find ways to visually adapt the home to your favorite pieces of furniture or accessories. They know how to use color and arrangement to project the character and mood that suit you best.

Moving into a new home can create turmoil for lack of adequate storage or conversational seating. Perhaps the home has a problem with traffic flow because of the furniture or layout. Or maybe, the home looks cluttered because the furnishings don’t seem to complement the design of the house. Decorators can help find solutions for each room that help simplify everyday routines and create comfortable living spaces.

You can find interior decorators who also help with organizing for balance and efficiencies. Lack of practical storage space can be a disaster for some people, especially in a new home. With the talents of an organizer, you’ll find new ways to use existing containers and accessories for convenient storage or purchase new solutions for optimal accessibility. Life is much easier when you have easy access to what you need, when you need it.

New Home Buyers Love These 5 Services

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3. House Cleaning Service

House Cleaning Service, hire a service maid

A clean house is a happy home, except that we don’t always have the time or inclination to maintain the cleanliness standards we prefer. If you are at the point in life when you don’t want to spend your time cleaning bathrooms or vacuuming up dog hair, you can hire a cleaning service. Something as simple as having professionals come in to clean once a week can make all the difference in your outlook and the quality time you have together as a family.

Ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations for an exceptional cleaning company and check for online reviews. When you interview candidates, talk about what’s important to you and your family and weigh the responses. You’ll want a company that cares about your priorities and can work around your schedule.

Call their references and ask questions that matter to you. For instance, you might want to know if they use chemical-free cleaning products or if they have reliable, friendly service teams. There is nothing that lifts your spirits like a tidy, clean house. It’s calming and inspiring and will put a smile on your face in an instant.

4. Painter

Painter, get a new coat of paint

Some people love to paint, and others not so much. If you would rather do something else with your time, or if you know you’re not the best painter, it’s time to find a professional painter to help you out. These people have years of experience and know how to get the job done quickly and expertly. They understand that the preparation is important to the end results and will take the time needed to prep the surfaces properly.

Professional painters also understand the importance of color choices. They can help you blend new colors into the color scheme already established with furniture and accessories. They can suggest ways to blend colors from one room to another. A full-service painter will be able to make repairs to drywall and ceilings, and some will repair or remove popcorn ceiling texture for a new, fresh look that appeals to you.

Wallpaper can be another issue if it isn’t your style. Many painters will remove the wallpaper and help you choose a complementary color for the room’s décor.

If this isn’t a welcome service, I don’t know what is. Most people avoid removing wallpaper like the plague, mainly because they’ve experienced first-hand what it’s like to fight with stubborn wallpaper (like the kind that won’t leave the premises without pulling drywall along with it). Fresh paint can update and upgrade your room or house instantly.

New Home Buyers Love These 5 Services

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5. Lawn Care Company/Landscaper

Lawn Care Company/Landscaper, get help maintain your lawn

If you have a list of landscaping projects that could use some attention, you can work on them yourself or hire a lawn care company. The exterior appearance is as important as the interior, and if you don’t have time or don’t enjoy the work, a lawn company or landscaper can help you get it done. Whether it’s regular lawn maintenance, care of trees, shrubs or flowers, or correcting grading issues, you can get it done all at once or break it into smaller projects on an annual basis.

When looking for a company, you can again ask for referrals or call on companies you’ve seen working in your neighborhood. Professionals will help you understand the best type of plants for your soil and sun conditions. They can also help you plan for maintenance or annual improvements. Additionally, some full-service companies will repair or rebuild retaining walls, add a new patio or deck, or create outdoor living spaces.

As a new homeowner, there are many ways to enjoy your new home. For some people, repairs, remodeling and renovations are therapeutic, and they can’t wait to get started. For others, it’s a time waster or a headache. Many people fall in the middle somewhere and enjoy some, but not all, home improvement projects.

If you feel the need for a little help from your friends, consider contracting professional services from a remodeler or handyman, interior decorator or organizer, house cleaner, painter or lawn care company. Finding the right providers will yield welcome results and give you time to enjoy your new home and family.

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