7 Décor Items to Help Sell Your Home Faster

7 Décor Items to Help Sell Your Home Faster

Selling a home can be a tedious task. As a seller, you have to focus on many different tasks. But as you prepare to sell, don’t forget to make the home look its best.

A home isn’t just a place, but a feeling of comfort and refreshment. To give this same feeling to your buyers, you need to make your home as welcoming as possible. One way to do so is through home décor. Decorative items are not only pleasing to look at but can also lift the mood in the home — and in the buyers who visit.

Real estate businesswoman Barbara Corcoran says buyers make a decision in the first eight seconds of seeing a home. That’s not much time to make a good impression. To make those first few seconds count, give your rooms a finished and attractive appearance with these seven décor items. They may be just what you need to sell your home faster.

Here’re 7 décor items to help sell your home faster:

1. Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? Bringing a dose of color and nature into the home, fresh flowers can brighten up any room. They can create an uplifting mood and may even contribute to a sense of generosity.

A combination of the right flowers will complement the aesthetics of your interior. Below are the three places you can use flowers:

  • Hallway: Set a bouquet of flowers on a hall table to ensure your guests are greeted warmly.
  • Dining Room: Any dining area will be elevated by a nicely arranged vase of flowers on the table.
  • Bedroom: Fresh flowers make the perfect accent on a bedside table or dresser. Flowers can provide a sense of comfort, suggesting to your buyers that they will have sweet dreams in this space.

2. Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are currently witnessing a new wave of popularity. Technological advances have made these prints even more attractive and eye-pleasing. They are easy to put in place and don’t damage the walls, thus making them a great aesthetic and decorative item.

You can order canvas prints online using any image of your choosing, so you can select the best color scheme and subject matter for your room. Canvas prints come in a wide range of sizes and frame options. They are a cost-effective and attractive way to fill empty wall space.

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3. Updated Light Fixtures

Updated Light Fixtures

Few things make a home look dated more quickly than out-of-style light fixtures.

For a touch of elegance, consider adding a chandelier. It can be an excellent choice for general illumination, bouncing the light around the room instead of casting harsh shadows.

Traditionally, chandeliers were installed in the dining room to illuminate warm conversations during meals. Today they are showing up in the living room, kitchen, and bath areas, too. Having chandeliers in these areas will create visual excitement for your buyers.

It is important to choose the right size fixture for your room. If the size of your space is large, go big with your lights. In a small space, choose a more compact fixture.

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4. Entryway Storage

Entryway Storage

Locker- or cubby-style storage is highly functional and especially appealing to families who struggle to stay organized. Make sure each entryway has a spot to stow belongings such as coats and bags.

Other items to consider are coat trees, shoe benches, and key hooks. The buyers should be able to picture themselves walking in the door and having a place to put everything they are carrying.

Remove all traces of clutter from these areas so buyers will have a sense of order and tidiness.

5. Area Rugs

Area Rugs

Rugs don’t always get the credit they deserve for adding so much to the aesthetics of your home. Rugs can draw attention to a high-quality floor and increase the comfort factor on hard flooring like wood and tile.

In addition to colors and patterns, rugs come in many different materials and styles. Some of the most popular rugs are:

  • Wool: A good wool rug looks warm and inviting, but beware the tendency for some wool rugs to shed.
  • Cotton: Cotton rugs, such as braided styles, are typically inexpensive and give a casual feel to the space.
  • Synthetic: Generally, much less expensive than wool, synthetic rugs come in any color and pattern imaginable.
  • Sisal: Not as soft underfoot, but beautiful and natural, sisal rugs work well with natural or minimal décor.

Don’t be tempted to cover defects in the floor with a rug. Buyers will spot an out-of-place rug easily, and it’s a bad idea to leave surprises for them to find after they move in.

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6. Mirrors and Clocks

Mirrors and Clocks

Mirrors aren’t just for checking your appearance. They also make great decorative items, reflecting light from windows and making a small space seem larger.

Hang a single large mirror or group several small mirrors on a wall for a touch of glamour.

Clocks are another décor option. They can be budget-friendly and come in sizes to fit any open space. They also come in styles from sleek and modern to antique and ornate.

For a creative touch, group several smaller clocks on a wall to showcase different time zones.

Consider hanging a large clock above the fireplace or on a feature wall to replace a large family portrait — when selling you want to remove most personal items.

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7. Collections of Similar Items

Collections of Similar Items

Another great way to fill space decoratively is to group similar items together. Declutter your shelves by removing excessive knick-knacks — they won’t speak to most buyers. Replace your personal collections with groupings of colorful pottery, candles, or even seashells. Presenting the items as a group will create a striking effect without adding clutter.


If buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing a home, it is crucial that your spaces give a good first impression. Once you’ve decluttered and removed all your overly personal or outdated items, fill in any gaps on floors, walls, shelves, and ceilings with the kind of items described here.

The finished, beautiful look may just help you sell faster and for a higher price.

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