The 10 Best Home Décor Products for the Minimalist

The 10 Best Home Décor Products for the Minimalist

Minimalism is all about less. Minimalist décor strips a room down to its essentials; it is simple and uncluttered, and everything in it has a purpose. When it’s done right, minimalism makes a space feel serene, fresh and stress-free.

When minimalism is done wrong, though, it can leave a space feeling empty and cold. That’s where decorative items come in.

“Minimalist décor” may seem like an oxymoron. After all, each element in a minimalist design should serve a purpose, right? And no one needs pictures on the wall or a green plant in the corner.

But think of it this way: a minimalist space includes exactly what’s necessary in order to serve its purpose — no more, and no less, either.  And one purpose of a room is to make the home’s residents and visitors feel welcome. Whether you start from scratch or upgrade your space to make it feel more personalized and any wholesale home décor retailer will have plenty of options.

Here we’ll look at several items that can pull a minimalist room together and make it beautiful.

1. Pillar Candles

Pillar candles

Larger than tealights and stockier than tapers, pillar candles have a solid presence. They are typically cylindrical, like soup cans, and come in a wide range of sizes.

Pillar candles suit a minimal aesthetic thanks to their unfussy shape. When lit, they add a soft glow to a dark room, creating a feeling of coziness or elegance.

Candles can be made from several ingredients, including traditional paraffin wax, beeswax, and soy. White or ivory candles work in any room. Other colors can either blend into their surroundings for a subtle look or add a pop of contrasting color.

Unscented candles are decidedly minimalist, but you can also find pillar candles in sophisticated scents that will add another dimension to the room.

For the warm glow without the need for supervision, try flameless candles — newer styles are almost indistinguishable from the real thing!

The 10 Best Home Décor Products for the Minimalist

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2. Beautiful Dishcloths

Beautiful Dishcloths

The kitchen is often the most functional room in the home. It’s used for cooking and eating, of course, but it can also be a gathering place or a makeshift workspace. As a hub of activity, the kitchen can easily become cluttered.

That’s why one of the best ways to decorate a minimalist kitchen is to make the most of items that are already there.

Take the humble dishcloth. If you haven’t shopped for new dishcloths in a while, you may be surprised to find out just how beautiful they can be — and how eco-friendly, too, since they can greatly reduce your reliance on paper towels.

One increasingly popular option is known as the Swedish dishcloth. Spongy and highly absorbent, these cloths are made from cellulose and cotton, and they often come in beautiful prints. Not only can they be washed and reused many times, but they’re biodegradable, too, so you don’t have to feel guilty when it’s time to throw them out.

If you don’t have room in a drawer, keep a big stack in a basket on the countertop.

3. Woven Doormats

Woven Doormats

Woven textures are everywhere right now, and they’re a trend that even a minimalist can love. Natural fibers and neutral colors or simple patterns give woven objects a wholesome, down-to-earth appearance.

To bring the minimalist aesthetic to your front porch, replace your brightly colored welcome mat with a simple woven rope mat. Frequently made from coir (pronounced “COY-er”), a fibrous material made from coconuts, these mats are as eco-friendly as they are attractive.

For a bolder look without compromising simplicity, layer one on top of a slightly larger flatweave rug to create a border effect.

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4. Soap Pumps

Soap Pumps

Nothing can ruin a minimal look like the brand labels on necessary products. Take hand soap, for example. While some disposable pumps are nicely designed, their cheap containers are no match for the look of a sleek refillable pump.

With an attractive refillable dispenser, you can start buying your hand soap in bulk, once again showing that minimalist décor can be environmentally friendly.

For the best minimal look, select simple cylindrical or blocky shapes with solid colors. Soap pumps come in materials such as glass and ceramic, but even a streamlined plastic dispenser can look elegant on your countertop.

5. Little Bowls

Little bowls

When your look is minimalist, clutter can easily ruin the effect. Jewelry on the bedside table, paperclips on the desk, and extra USB cables can look messy and distracting — unless you tuck them away in a pretty bowl.

Keep a few mini bowls near your most-used entrance: one for your keys, one for spare change. Or keep a stack of them in your kitchen to hold prepped or measured ingredients.

Another great thing about bowls is that they can look beautiful either empty or full, especially if you choose elegant designs and neutral or rich colors. They can add some much-needed texture to a room: look for bowls made from wood, stoneware or even wool.

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6. Teapot and Mug Sets

Teapot and Mug Sets

A great example of beauty and function, a matching teapot and set of mugs are a great addition to your minimalist kitchen or dining room.

With the exception of dainty floral prints and barnyard animal shapes, most teapots have a minimalist look, no matter what material they’re made from. Enamel, stoneware, and porcelain are just a few options.

While you’re at it, replace your mismatched collection of free promotional mugs with a small, uniform set that matches your teapot. The monochrome look will bring sophistication to your kitchen.

If you don’t have enough cabinet space to store your teapot and mugs, try displaying them on a shelf in a nearby room. They’ll look attractive there while they wait for your next teatime.

7. Natural Objects

Natural Objects

Mother nature is a prolific artist, and natural objects make the ideal décor for a minimalist home.

Choose big items to create a big impact: think large pieces of driftwood, or long branches of dogwood or curly willow.

You don’t have to harvest your décor directly from nature; sometimes reproductions are a better choice. A large piece of coral crafted from resin, for example, brings a beachy look to a room without harming natural reefs.

Metal items sculpted to look like branches — decorative hooks, say, or shelf brackets — are another way to add that all-important texture to a space while keeping the look neutral and natural.

8. Stackable Blocks

Stackable Blocks

Simple shapes are best for a minimalist room. Decorative blocks can be a sleek way to add an interactive element to your space. Stack them high or create interesting designs.

If you like magnetic poetry, you might want to consider blocks with words or letters on them. You can rearrange them to suit your mood.

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9. Plant Pots and Stands

Plant Pots and Stands

Household plants are a classic way to bring the outdoors into your space, and they work beautifully with a minimalist style. Plants even help to keep the air clean and fresh.

When you choose a pot or stand for your plant, look for simple, sturdy materials like wood and ceramic. Neutral colors and solid finishes or barely-there prints can all provide a serene backdrop for your greenery.

For something a little bit different and stylish, try a three- or four-legged stand. It will raise the height of your plant while adding a little bit of interest to the arrangement.

10. Matte Vases

Matte Vases

When you need just the right thing to finish styling a shelf or mantle, reach for a matte vase — or several. Like bowls, vases can sit just about anywhere and look like they belong.

Opaque vases are a versatile choice because, while they can hold flower arrangements (real or artificial), branches or greenery, they look just as good when they’re empty.

When one vase isn’t enough, try three or five. Arrangements in odd numbers usually work best. Or use two matching vases to flank a mirror or painting for a symmetrical, orderly look.

The easiest way to create a grouping is to use vases in the same color, but with different shapes and heights. But if you’re confident in your color skills, you can combine several muted colors for a more eye-catching display that won’t look too garish in a minimalist space.

Minimal is Beautiful

While trends come and go, minimalism is timeless. While its popularity may grow or decline, it never looks out-of-date.

Luckily, your minimalist style doesn’t mean that you never get to shop for beautiful new pieces or partake in a particularly fun trend. Beautiful objects serve an essential purpose in a room, making it warm and inviting rather than sterile.

When you shop for minimalist décor, keep an eye out for solid colors in neutral or muted tones. Look for simple shapes, like blocks and cylinders, and choose materials that have some weight. Since minimal design uses few patterns and details, texture is particularly important; mix sleek, smooth items with fabrics and natural materials.

A truly minimalist look uses fewer items, so each one should be selected carefully, with great attention to scale. Make sure to include some larger pieces to bring the whole look together.

With the right minimalist décor, your space will be cohesive, inviting, and soothing.

The 10 Best Home Décor Products for the Minimalist

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