Types of Kitchen Sink Faucets Available in Stores

Types of Kitchen Sink Faucets Available in Stores

It’s easy to take your kitchen faucet for granted. It becomes important often only after it stops working or malfunctions. When it doesn’t function the way it should, you end up spending a lot of time on tasks that typically take just a few seconds to finish; washing a pan, filling a pot, or cleaning fresh produce. How it serves your needs day in and day out suddenly becomes clear.

Your faucet is basically the heart of your sink, and your sink is the life of any busy kitchen. It’s good to have some ideas beforehand about different faucet options so you can choose the right one for your needs when the time comes.

There are a wide range of options. You can scan the categories of Kraus USA kitchen faucets. You will find many different varieties including pullout, pull-down, bar faucet, filter faucets, commercial-style faucets, and faucet sets. Let’s briefly look at each.

1. Pull-down kitchen sink faucet

Pull-down kitchen sink faucet

Pullout and pull-down models are like siblings because of their similarities. However, a pull-down is still quite distinct. In this design, you get a detachable spray head that you can pull downward for greater reach.

It usually features a tall curved neck or gooseneck to facilitate the use of spout and self-retractable sprayers. You can find multiple finishes in this model. The best part with this type is, you don’t have to worry about sink cleaning or water splashing issues.

While it has many benefits, there are a few disadvantages too. It is not the ideal choice for a shallow sink. The water can splash when it flows down from the tall spout and hits the bottom of your sink bowl. In addition, you may not stretch its spray head across the sink very quickly.

Types of Kitchen Sink Faucets Available in Stores

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2. Pullout kitchen sink faucet

Pullout kitchen sink faucet

Some believe the pullout sink faucet is the best fit for modern interiors. You can find several choices in this specific design; many different colors, finishes, and styles. One of the main highlights of this model is its flexibility. You can conveniently take the sprayer in and around the sink, thanks to its detachable spray head. From filling water to cleaning dishes, you can accomplish any task easily.

However, it may not be the perfect companion for an oversized sink. Plus, its short height can be an obstruction for tall pots and pans.

Types of Kitchen Sink Faucets Available in Stores

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3. Commercial kitchen sink faucet

Commercial kitchen sink faucet

As evident from the name, it is a professional design suitable for chefs. Years ago, these models were found in restaurants and commercial kitchens only. Today, you can get them for your home kitchen as well.

These are bigger than standard faucets and are best for oversized sinks. From cleaning to rinsing to filling water, you can expect them to do any job quickly because of the amount of water they dispense.

The tall spouts with spiral designs, a rocker switch for water flow control, and pull-down sprayer are unique characteristics. Whether you are a self-proclaimed cook or have a large family, this faucet will serve you well.

The only negative: these are more expensive.

Types of Kitchen Sink Faucets Available in Stores

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4. Bar faucets

Bar faucets

Also referred to as prep faucets, these can be smaller than a standard kitchen sink tap. These may be optimal for a prep area or bar sink and not the central basin. They come in distinctive styles and finishes to match with any kitchen décor. You can find double handle models also, though the most common is the single handle version.

If you enjoy entertaining your guests frequently, a bar faucet can be quite useful. You can attach it to a water filter or hot water dispenser to get quick access to drinkable water or water at a higher temperature.

For a bar faucet you’ll need plenty of kitchen space, because you cannot pair it with the main sink. It requires a separate sink space.

Types of Kitchen Sink Faucets Available in Stores

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5. Water filter kitchen faucets

Water filter kitchen faucets

People often don’t like the taste or smell of tap water because it often contains elements like lime, chlorine, and heavy metals. A water filter faucet can help reduce the unpleasant odor. Since you can connect it to your household water supply line or under-sink water filter system, you don’t need separate jug filters to get filtered water. You can get drinkable water whenever you want.

These gooseneck faucets allow you to fill glasses, bottles, and tall pans with ease. These faucets are not to be used for washing or cleaning.

Types of Kitchen Sink Faucets Available in Stores

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6. Bridge kitchen faucets or faucet sets

Bridge kitchen faucets or faucet sets

Often the right fit for traditional or farmhouse style decor, this design provides timeless elegance and a rustic charm. It gets its name from its physical makeup, where an elevated linear portion connects the two faucet handles with one spout.

Some homeowners lean on this particular choice for a more interestingly styled faucet. You’ll need plenty of room in the sink area to accommodate a bridge model.

In American homes, you’ll find different styles of kitchen taps in various settings. Each has its own purpose and goal. You may fall in love with one design or another. But don’t let your emotions overpower your choice. Most of them look great. You should select something that can meet your daily kitchen needs as well as your design preferences. The one you pick should be both functional and attractive.

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