Best Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents in the Time of Covid-19

Best Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents in the Time of Covid-19

If you worked through the global financial crash of 2008, you already know what that felt like. Now, we are experiencing a new global health crisis with the Covid-19 pandemic. If social distancing halts our global supply chains for too long as unemployment skyrockets, we could likely have another even more serious global financial crisis.

How long can our government provide free money and defer mortgage payments to “stimulate” the economy when businesses are struggling to survive, and many are silently shutting down? Not many business owners want to stack on more debt to keep the light on when their customers are spending conservatively in these harsh times.

As of mid-April 2020, JPMorgan and Wellsfargo are preparing for the rising of defaults and deep recession. If people keep thinking negatively and believing that the emergency funding program is not sustainable and that business will not be booming any time soon, they will begin to put their houses on the market “en masse.” Worst, homeowners who defaulted might begin to walk away from their mortgage obligations like that of 2008. That would be the beginning of a full-blown, global, financial crisis.

In these times, if you are a real estate professional who enjoys helping homeowners and homebuyers with their transactions, how can you prepare to offer a helping hand in a way that makes you stand out? Most people are staying home working on their laptops, smartphones and iPads and that is how they will feel comfortable finding and communicating with real estate agents.

Here are 5 important tips:

Here are 5 important tips

1. Establish a web page where you can easily customize your content to help you stand out online. enables you to quickly establish this type of professional web page for FREE. Here is an example of a dedicated web page for a real estate agent.

2. Remain focused on your local clients’ most pressing needs and produce helpful content that delivers unique value without asking for anything in return. Right now is a great time to plant seeds for robust relationships with your target audience. The trees which will grow to provide plenty of shade for you in the years to come.

3. Constantly be prepared to answer any questions on the topics related to your expertise as the situation continually changes and evolves. Don’t be afraid to write a long article or produce a video to help your local audience understand things within your expertise. You can then post it onto your HOMEiA profile page. Just remember, this is a snapshot in time, and the sky will be blue and clear again when the storm passes. What you should focus on right now, more than ever, is to do meaningful work and build meaningful relationships with your audience. Here is an example of helpful content.

4. Once a potential client contacts you to sell or buy a house, be extra sensitive to their preferred method of showing their home. This global pandemic is changing our way of life, and the new normal might not resemble that of our pre-Covid-19 patterns.

5. You can also learn the new tools that will help you show your property virtually. This might be one of your key survival skills in this critical time. Don’t hesitate—take those first steps. Everything has a fairly short learning curve, and once you get over that, things will be easier than you thought. You’ll be glad you did, and so will your customers!


BonusOur team at HOMEiA has decided to offer a helping hand (free of charge with our HOMEiA PLUS package for 1 year) for up to 3 local real estate agents per city list page on These 3 agents must be willing to produce at least 5 pieces of helpful content for the local audience in their city. This content can be in an article, infographic or video format, which has not previously posted anywhere online. We limit this offer to 3 because currently our local directory listing has only 10 slots available on the first page.

Our HOMEiA marketing team will also help promote your content with a backlink to your HOMEiA profile page for free. And of course, you keep 100% of the leads you gain. If there is any way that we can help you in these challenging times, please let us know.

How are HOMEiA’s Packages and Directory Listings Unique?

How are HOMEiA’s Packages and Directory Listings Unique?

We are a results-driven team. That’s why, once you sign up for HOMEiA’s Basic (free) package, your profile gets added to your local directory listing. After your profile is reviewed and Verified by the HOMEiA team, your profile will out-rank those in the “Considering” status.

When it’s evident that your HOMEiA Basic membership profile has delivered tangible results for you and your business, you can upgrade to the HOMEiA PLUS package to experience an even greater return on investment (ROI). This is simply done by sending us an email with the reason(s) you find your HOMEiA Basic package helpful and confirmation that you are ready to invest in the HOMEiA PLUS package. You can’t skip the HOMEiA PLUS package and go directly to a HOMEiA PRO package because we want to make sure you have a proven, positive ROI.

And, once you are ready to upgrade from HOMEiA PLUS to a HOMEiA PRO package, you would email us a confirmation request and a dedicated team member will reach out to you directly to discuss it. At HOMEiA, we would rather feature 10,000 HOMEiA PRO agents that have a positive ROI on our platform rather than 150,000 HOMEiA PRO agents who are inactive and not enjoying the results.

That said, we expect to grow our platform organically and carefully, so HOMEiA brand stands for something that excites all of us, every day, for what we do. If you believe in our philosophy, join us! We will work hard together to embrace the new market landscape as everyone is recovering from the current events.

If you find this article helpful, please share it on your social media page, so other real estate agents can benefit from it as well. Stay safe and stay positive everyone!

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