7 Tips to Maximize Your Bathroom Space

7 Tips to Maximize Your Bathroom Space

One of the most common issues plaguing bathrooms is the lack of space. We spend so much time getting ready and winding down in our bathrooms that maximizing the room we have is key! Not all of us are lucky enough to have a huge area to work with.

This post explores tips that can help you get the most space out of your bathroom, regardless of its dimensions. From smart storage to design and layout options, we have you covered.

Continue reading to find out how the above-listed tips will help you create an organized and spacious bathroom haven.

1. Install corner pieces.

Install corner pieces

Corner bathroom furniture helps you fully utilize even the most awkward of spaces. Using the corner spaces unlocks the floor area and gives you more to work with.

If you have an awkward, small space, then you will love a corner toilet. It will guarantee a ton of floor space when properly installed.

Other fixtures that will increase the feeling of space in your bathroom include corner shelves, corner vanities and corner sinks.

7 Tips to Maximize Your Bathroom Space

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2. Use more glass.

Use more glass

Sometimes the lack of space is just a trick of the eye. You might have more than enough space to store your toiletries, but your bathroom can still feel cluttered and small. A great way to create the illusion of space in your bathroom is to incorporate more glass in your bathroom design.

Using glass is one of the more popular design ideas for small bathrooms. It allows you to see more of the bathroom than you usually would if you used opaque fixtures. Glass looks sleek and is also really easy to clean.

Try swapping out your shower curtain for a glass screen or opting for glass shelves for storage.

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3. Install a towel rack.

Install a towel rack

The chances are that you need storage space for your towels more than for any other thing in your bathroom. No one likes wet towels on the floor. One way to solve your issue is to install a towel rack. This simple step helps clear the clutter by keeping your towels more organized. Those towels not in use can be rolled and arranged in a basket.

A towel rack can be a simple ladder propped against the wall, a set of hooks or a more sophisticated heated rack.

Not only are you organizing things better, but you are also helping your towels to dry faster. This is a great way to free up storage space for other items.

4. Install floating vanities.

Install floating vanities

If you are working with a small bathroom, then installing a floating vanity is a brilliant idea. Not only will it free up floor space, but it will also provide excellent storage for all your toiletries.

Increasing the feeling of floor space really does help with creating a brilliant bathroom design. Check out these small bathroom inspirations to understand how you can incorporate floating vanities in your bathroom design.

7 Tips to Maximize Your Bathroom Space

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5. Take advantage of natural light.

Take advantage of natural light

Little or no natural light can make your bathroom look devoid of meaningful space. If you are lucky enough to have a window and can get in natural light, then opt for window dressings that still allow the light to flood into the room.

If you are unlucky and don’t have a window, you can either make some structural changes to your bathroom design or take a less costly approach, such as installing proper lighting to simulate natural light saturating the room.

Strategically placed light and mirrors always do the trick of creating a sense of light and space. Mirrors will reflect light around the room, so having more than one can really improve the feeling.

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6. Use high and low hooks.

Use high and low hooks

One common mistake that homeowners make when designing or fitting their bathrooms is not utilizing the walls. You can free up some floor space by hanging some of your accessories or toiletries on the bathroom wall.

You can use hooks fixed to the wall at varying heights, depending on what you want to store. You can use these hooks to hold things ranging from makeup products to towels and shower caps and other things you might not want to store away because you use them frequently.

In addition to the functionality of these hooks, they can also serve an aesthetic purpose when used correctly.

7. Install a shelf over the door.

Install a shelf over the door

Let me let you in on a little secret. There’s a part of your bathroom that’s seldom used by anybody, and that’s the space directly above the door. Although you might need to keep a stool close by, storing things here will allow you to utilize more of your bathroom space properly.

You can install a tiered shelf to keep extra towels or toiletries safely stored out of sight.

Installing a shelf over your door might not be traditional, but the results speak for themselves, as it opens up new opportunities for you to store away bathroom supplies without cluttering up your bathroom space.

Get to it!

These tips will give you some great space-saving techniques. Freeing up floor space is a sure-fire way to make your bathroom look bigger. No matter how small a bathroom, some simple updates can make a world of difference and allow you to relax in a tranquil space.

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