7 Factors Rank Edina as one of the Best Cities in Minnesota

Once a farming and milling community, Edina has blossomed into a preferred suburban city with all the most desired amenities. From upscale, boutique shopping and exquisite dining to consignment shops and casual bistros, residents and visitors are enamored with the all-American lifestyle. You can enjoy the many parks, golf courses, Southdale shopping mall and downtown shops. Housing is sure to please with its variety of styles, neighborhoods and price points.

Here 7 factors you should consider before moving to Edina, MN:

1. Lifestyle


Edina, MN is a busy Minneapolis suburb—the perfect locale for on-the-go professionals and families. With this prime location, its 50,000+ residents can reach most destinations within 20 minutes—a splendid way to beat the stress of city commutes and traffic jams. With its proximity to a large metropolitan center, it’s refreshing to find fabulous bike trails and bike lanes—great for exercise and fresh air in a safe setting.

Major attractions in this first-tier suburb are the huge Southdale Center, the Edina Aquatic Center, Senior Center, public and private golf courses, lakes, and dozens of parks—notably the family-friendly Edinborough Park with its indoor playground, pool and fitness center. Although there’s plenty to do in Edina, the world-famous Mall of America and IKEA are only 15 minutes away.

7 Factors Rank Edina as one of the Best Cities in Minnesota

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2. Economy


While the cost of living is higher than average in this charming suburb, household incomes are also much higher than elsewhere. Some of the larger employers in the city are SpartanNash, BI Worldwide, Fairview Southdale Hospital, Dow/Film Tech, Edina Realty, City of Edina and the Edina school district. Edina is known for its great selection of shopping and dining experiences, and the prestigious downtown area at 50th and France features a wealth of services, shops and restaurants.

7 Factors Rank Edina as one of the Best Cities in Minnesota

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3. Employment


More good news for Edina—jobs are plentiful, and the job market is growing rapidly. Life is good, and the average household income in almost double the national average. In keeping with this theme, the unemployment rate remains well below the national average. As with many of the Minneapolis suburbs, employment is largely focused on healthcare, manufacturing, finance, insurance, professional and technical services, retail and education.

7 Factors Rank Edina as one of the Best Cities in Minnesota

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4. Housing


Housing in this desirable city is expensive compared to other suburbs with a median price around $450,000. Yet, most residents are homeowners and loving their piece of paradise. You can find single-family homes, townhomes and condos as well as senior housing and rentals. With that said, it’s the $4 million homes that bring up these averages, and you can find homes in nice neighborhoods selling at a much lower price. With tree-lined neighborhoods close to downtown, on a golf course or near a park, you can easily find a home to meet your list of priorities.

7 Factors Rank Edina as one of the Best Cities in Minnesota

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5. Education


As a highly educated population, residents take education seriously as an important factor in choosing this fair city as their home. Public schools are among the finest, and the average spend per student is higher than the national average. The nationally recognized district serves 8, 500 students and consistently places in the state’s top two or three districts. There are two public libraries, and the Edina Art Center creates another educational venue with classes and art galleries showcasing local and national artists.

7 Factors Rank Edina as one of the Best Cities in Minnesota

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6. Safety and Healthcare

Safety and Healthcare

Clearly, another attractive feature is that Edina carries a low crime rating. It’s a safe community, a quality which always ranks high in family values. Exceptional healthcare services are close by at Fairview Southdale Hospital with its 5-star rating from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Metropolitan Pediatric Specialists Edina Clinic, and University of Minnesota Health Heart Care, along with numerous other clinics.

7 Factors Rank Edina as one of the Best Cities in Minnesota

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7. Climate


Although temperatures will dip below zero and snow will fall—or swirl around you with an attitude, Minnesotans are known for their adaptability, and it’s common to see people enjoying outdoor activities in the winter. Still, winter in the city can cause significant snow delays, but this city does a fantastic job of snow removal to keep traffic—and busy families—on the move. On less demanding days, the frozen lakes are the perfect destination for ice fishing or skating.

In warmer weather, residents head for the golf course, park or lake. A visit to the Aquatic Center for some waterslide amusement might be in order, or it might be time for dinner on the patio. When you’re ready for festivities, Edina is sure to have one on the calendar. Here are just a few examples: Oktoberfest at Braemar Golf Course, the downtown Pumpkin Fest, Winter Ice Festival, Taste of Edina, the celebrated Edina Art Fair, Barnyard Boogie, Parade of Boats and Fall into the Arts Festival.

7 Factors Rank Edina as one of the Best Cities in Minnesota

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To sum up:

Edina is a centrally located suburb where families can safely enjoy their neighbors and the wide range of options for recreation, shopping and dining with friends. Options also extend to jobs, education and housing in this highly regarded city.

With outstanding healthcare and public services, the city is a preferred location for suburban lifestyles. While enjoying all the amenities, you’ll notice that each season has its own beauty and distinct qualities. It’s difficult not to marvel at the impressive nature of the city and the landscape.

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