North Mankato, Best Minnesota City for an Affordable Lifestyle

North Mankato, Best Minnesota City for an Affordable Lifestyle

Leading in 7 Factors for Best MN Cities for an Affordable Lifestyle

North Mankato is a small town in southern Minnesota that appeals to people of all ages. Because it lies along the banks of the Minnesota River, it provides a scenic backdrop for the everyday activities of residents and visitors. The town ranks well for education, healthcare, housing and a lower-than-expected cost of living. The crime rate is also lower than average, and residents enjoy a healthy economy and job market to complement the recreational opportunities, shopping and entertainment.

1. Lifestyle:

North Mankato is a southern Minnesota city separated from the city of Mankato by the Minnesota River as it turns course to flow northeast on its way to meet the Mississippi River near historic Fort Snelling. The city is roughly 90 minutes from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport and about the same distance east to Rochester, the home of the Mayo Clinic. With a population of around 14,000 and a median age of slightly less than 40, North Mankato is a great place for people of all ages and interests. It attracts singles and students as well as families and seniors.

2. Economy:

The job market in North Mankato is strong and steadily increasing, yet the cost of living remains lower than the national average. As a partner with the Regional Economic Development Alliance, the city helps promote business in the area to ensure that the city is business friendly and growing at a healthy rate.

3. Employment:

Unemployment is slightly lower than the national average, and jobs appear readily available in a variety of fields and professions. With a lower than average commute time, residents are less stressed about their drive or ride to work than might occur in other cities. Education, healthcare, manufacturing and retail are the region’s main industries, and some of the largest employers in the area are Taylor Corporation, Mayo Clinic Health System and Clinic, Minnesota State University- Mankato and Gustavus Adolphus.

4. Housing:

Apartments and houses are available for rent at reasonable prices—typically lower than state averages. You can always find a wide selection of student housing available, catering to the diverse needs of area students. And, it’s a great place for families, with homes selling at moderate pricing as well.

North Mankato is also perfect for seniors and retirees with reasonably priced options for downsizing to condos, townhomes, apartments, independent senior living or assisted living. With an extensive park system, residents have many choices for outdoor recreation and activities.

5. Education:

Education within the public and private school systems is highly regarded. The residents are well educated and hold education as a core value. With several colleges and universities nearby, this location is ideal for many. The closest are Minnesota State University- Mankato, Bethany Lutheran College and Gustavus Adolphus College—all with four-year programs—and South Central College, a community college offering a two-year program.

6. Safety and Healthcare:

With crime rates well below U.S. averages, statistics show that North Mankato is a safer city than other choices, giving residents peace of mind about the comfort of their surroundings. The area’s residents receive excellent medical care as provided by the Mayo Clinic Health System and Gillette Children’s Hospital- Mankato. The city is a designated Bicycle-Friendly Community and biking is encouraged to improve health and quality of life.

7. Climate:

The winters in southern Minnesota are not as extreme as they are in more northerly cities, and temperatures are not typically below zero as they might be elsewhere in the state. Drivers are cautious, yet confident, in their motoring skills, and in the event your vehicle gets stuck, other good souls will quickly help you out.

Springtime is a celebration of fresh air, budding trees and blossoming flowers. Bicycles are retrieved from storage and motorcycles are once again on the scene. Summers reach high temps near 90 degrees, and golf courses are busy, as are beaches and parks. When leaves begin to turn in the fall, it’s time to gather at the fire pit for S’mores and camaraderie. It’s difficult to say which season is the most impressive. They are equally as beautiful and unique.

To sum up:

With its access to exceptional healthcare and education and its picturesque location along the Minnesota River, North Mankato has much to offer. Add that to the safety factor, favorable economy and lower cost of living, and you have a first-rate community for your best life.

This city has a little something for everyone, and it’s close enough to the big city that you can enjoy shopping and events in the metro as well. Welcome to North Mankato, a hidden gem in a highly acclaimed state.

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