5 Best Cities for Buying a House and Raising a Family in Minnesota

The Land of 10,000 Lakes earns appeal on many levels. Some people are fortunate enough to have been born and raised Minnesotan, and even when they leave for a while, they are drawn back with love. Others find Minnesota on vacation, for a job search or for education. Whatever the reasons, it’s common for people to stay or find their way back to raise families or retire.

For all the sentimental and practical reasons people love this northern state, we’ve found that often it’s a particular city that draws them in and creates a bond. In this article, we’ll share our views of the Top Five Cities for Family Life in Minnesota. These cities each have their own allure, so there’s something for everyone—even you!

  • 1. Lino Lakes, Minnesota

  • 2. New Prague, Minnesota

  • 3. Lakeville, Minnesota

  • 4. Maple Grove, Minnesota

  • 5. Alexandria, Minnesota

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