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HOMEiA has listed Amy Spampinato as one of the best real estate agent in Duluth, MN. As the Broker for the Expert Source Team, Amy try to focus on coaching and work behind the scenes, helping her agents strive to “grok” themselves, professionally. But Amy still LIVE to take on clients and will never stop; She love it too much. Amy love the psychology behind helping my clients figure out who they want to be NEXT in life. WHERE they want to GO, next. Amy love the families she get to meet, and the stories they tell. There is nothing that drives me more than seeing a client reach that financial goal or lay out the next financial steps that they need to succeed.

A core part of education is telling the truth. Amy can be very blunt. She is there to help a client meet their goals, and protect them, and holding back from hard truths do neither. If the way they are going about it won’t get them there, Amy will let them know. She spend a lot of time delving deeply into whatever areas of the market or real estate might effect my people, making sure her clients have a clear idea of what to expect, what wild cards might effect them, how they will deal with different situations, what steps are ahead and which step they are on. Making sure her clients have all possible relevant information, they can make the decisions that are best for them with confidence and a clear conscience.

While life may get busy, Amy love what she does, LIVE for it, and can’t wait to get to work in the morning. Amy also make time for some hobbies. She and her family try to go overseas at least once a year. Amy make historical clothing, and she breed Bengals. Amy love the ocean and she is a master diver (though Lake Superior is just too cold for her).

But mostly Amy love people and love teaching them how to meet their goals. Give Amy a call or send her an email and she’ll help you meet yours.

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